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Alcohol and Drug Foundation: Path2Help



The Alcohol and Drug Foundation have developed an online screening, brief information and location-specific referral service called Path2Help. 


Path2Help uses the ASSIST questionnaire to assess an individual’s level of risk (low, moderate, high) of dependence, and then through a clever algorithmic system, connects the individual to information about how to reduce risk, and other services based on their location and level of risk.


The screening tool on Path2Help is the same structure and function as the WHO ASSIST tool, but the language has been slightly modified in places to make it more consumer friendly in places. There is also a section in which you can answer questions about the substance use of someone you may be concerned about. 


For more information, visit the ADF website 


If you ever need to find the website in the future, we have included a cross-posting link on our consumer website. Just visit the ‘additional links tab’ under our resources page