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Introducing the new and improved ASSIST Checkup smartphone app!

We’ve made some big improvements to our app. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

Take a health checkup.

As before, with the ASSIST Checkup, you quickly and easily assess the level of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs you might be consuming, and gain better insights into how it might be affecting you.

With the new and improved feedback section, you can now get personalised feedback on your current level of use, and guidance, tools and support on ways to cut-down or stop.

With more user-friendly information that is updated regularly, ASSIST Checkup gives you access to proven support for ways to improve your health.

Stay informed.

We have also included a range of new features, including access to the ASSIST Plus website which houses resources and information about different drugs you might come across.

With useful and up-to-date health information about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, cannabis and more, you will always be informed.

With instant news and updates from ASSIST Plus to notify you of anything you might need to keep an eye on

Help yourself.

We’ve included links to all of our self-help materials, including trips and tricks about identifying and avoiding high-risk situations, coping with cravings, and practicing mindfulness.

Track your spend.

With our new and improved diary function, you can track your spending on different drugs, and get an idea of what your substance use is really costing you.

… and so much more.

The app also provides you information at your fingertips around various help services and what to do in a crisis, the ASSIST Checkup app is your one-stop-shop finding the help and support you need to cut down or stop for good.

Download it via the app store.

Search for ‘ASSIST Checkup’ via the Apple Store or Google Play today.