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Author Archives: Travis Clapp

Telephone and video consultation -Zoom Gloom

There is a new phenomenon hitting the world – Zoom Gloom! As a nurse and recent sufferer of this condition, let me explain. It is the unexplainable tiredness and low mood at the end of a video conference. Contributing factors include; poor internet connection, technical fails, people speaking with their mute button on, screen freezers, […]

ASSIST-Lite Virtual Training via Eventbrite

-Do you work in a time pressured environment? -Do you see people who might be at risk from their substance use? -Do you want to help people cut down or stop but your not really sure about what works? Introducing, our latest series of workshops, “ASSIST-Lite: How to manage substance use using the ultra-rapid screen” […]

Do you work with patients who are at risk from their alcohol, tobacco and other drug use?

We are working in challenging times. Isolation and social distancing are putting extra pressure on our services and patients. As a health professional, I have seen first-hand the additional challenges facing my patients and their families. People cope with stress in different ways. Some people will focus on the positives and modify their life while […]